About Us

Durgesh,based in Indore,Madhya Pradesh, was founded in 2010 and has been providing highest standard services to the Event Industries. We welcome and enjoy the challenges of providing most advanced sound and lighting techniques. We always provide our clients with a complete and professional services, offering support in all aspects of sound and lighting production. Team Durgesh has a vast and varied wealth of experience within the industry, is providing our clients with the very best in event lighting and sound production. We structure our work teams based upon the individual client’s requirements, to ensure we deliver cost effective and efficient services. Durgesh pride ourselves with constantly being at the central India’s very forefront of sound and lighting service provider. Working closely with our client and maintaining a strong working relationship enables us to be at the cutting edge of the industry. We can provide a complete package of expertise and equipment for an event.

At Durgesh, we are specialists in all aspects of event service and are able to offer our clients complete AV solution including PA system , advanced lighting equipments, SFX Systems, truss systems, Silent DG sets, LED walls etc. Our services range from Live concerts, wedding, Road shows, brand activations, live Rock Concerts, fashion Shows, Corporate Meets and Exhibitions.

Let our team worry about the details, while you enjoy your event.

Meet the Team

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Satya Prakash Soni | C.E.O.

Mr. S. P. Soni is the backbone behind Durgesh. As a Co-founder and CEO of Durgesh, he is highly accomplished visionary leader with over 30+ years of experience in industry including Planning, Dealing, Budgeting and Management of Events. He holds the advantage of understanding the maximum benefit of the Client. He has worked hard to build a team of like-minded people who have the skills and the drive to create and deliver truly exceptional events.

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Ablesh Soni | Director

Mr. Ablesh Soni has spent over 20+ years working in industry. He is specialized in combining the big picture vision with the fine detail delivery. His ability to choose best human resources, negotiations and Time management, ensures a high quality of service is delivered at all times. He transforms his personality into a progressive approach and then place it into a structured delivery plan and timeline is exceptional.

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Vijay Soni | Director

As one of the co-founder, Mr.Vijay Soni’s 20 + years knowledge of the event industry with troubleshooting skills and resource planning, brings great benefits to both our client events and our team operations. He is in charge of legal affairs. He also covers a varied reach across the administrative affairs of us. His professional guidance to the event operations and production team, attention to latest technologies and self-starter attitude ensures the success of each event.

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Amit Soni | Director

Amit has a very diverse background of 10+ years in a variety of fields, applying technical knowledge of sound operating to achieve the determined objectives. His duties include meeting with clients or performers to determine the desired sound for the event, monitoring equipment and setting up and testing setup. He provides clients with a wealth of high-level strategy and delivery experience gained management.

Gaurav Soni | Director

Gaurav is passionate about delivering results. His innate sound and lighting industry experience bridges the gap between technical and creative worlds, manage complex digital initiatives and deliver on client goals. He holds diploma in sound engg. Gaurav also brings extensive public relations and marketing expertise to our business. He is the digital hand or our company and oversees branding, promotion and advertising for us.

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Manish Soni | Executive Manager

Manish brings a varied background to our events, enabling him to provide fresh perspectives. Through his work, his experience extends to the light designing and coordination of event. Manish’s strengths lie in his creativity and sense of style. He is adept at formulating new concepts and theming for events. You will see him running around taking pictures and promoting events on social media handles!