KF760 Series Array

Explore the science behind KF760 Line Array Series

The KF760 Series Line Array represents a powerful, new second-generation line array technology optimized for use in portable sound reinforcement applications. Because the sound system is scalable, designers can create arrays as small as four enclosures or as large as twenty.

Employing a technology we call Divergence Shading, a KF760 Series array will provide even SPL coverage across radically different throw distances ranging from 15 feet to several hundred feet. Sonic quality will be uniformly excellent and pattern control will be maintained well into the low frequency range.

The KF760 Series uses advanced divergence shading where all speakers are powered at equal level. A full KF760 array can provide uniform sound coverage from directly beneath itself out to hundreds of feet without complex signal processing.


Where’s All the Science? It’s in the Box                                                      

KF760 Series arrays require relatively simple signal processing, facilitating an intuitive approach both for design as well as operation. Simply design your array as described above, preferably with the aid of the KF760 Coverage Wizard, apply the recommended signal processing, and DJ mix to taste.The complexities of producing a coherent wavefront from multiple sources are effectively nullified by certain factors designed into of the products. The following discusses these on a surface level. Fordetailed technical information on these technologies, consult the KF760 White Paper.


KF760 Series Array

The KF760 Series comprises just two speakers models: the KF760 general purpose/long-throw module and the KF761 short-throw module. Like all other array-optimized EAW products, these speakers/sound systems are engineered for use in clusters and not as stand-alone devices. Both are full-range, three-way, tri-amplifier systems.


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