Truss system on hire

Let’s join the new era of Truss System – The Legendary Circular Truss System

The different types of trusses have different levels of flexibility as well as function so that they can cater to the specific support needs of different types of stages. The types of trusses will also have a complex design and other may just have simple designs yet equally functional. In today’s era, there are different as well as new innovations in event Industry that has posed several challenges in the use of many types of trusses to have effective support to the various stage.

With our innovative team, for the first time in central India, we are introducing circular truss systems. It is designed to be modular by nature, also it is easily customized. Blending curved, circular & intricate shaped. This system exhibit display is a simple task and adds a beautiful blend of traditional dimensional depth and contemporary design which is perfect for presenting today’s leading edge products and services.
Good to Great – Add a new dimension to your trade show, exhibition, concert, wedding, or custom truss entrance way by incorporating it.Staying ahead of the completion and standing out in the crowd is the name of the game at any event. Implementing intriguing configurations into your event structure will grab the public’s attention from a distance and keep drawing them in as they approach your event. Our circular Trusses used for all kinds of applications such as truss lighting Systems, exhibition, Wedding , displays for trade show and many possible variations of event overall from small one to the largest ones possible.
Typical features of the system such as variability, lightness, flexibility and user friendliness are the basic attributes that a good Truss system should have. Durgesh proudly provide the market with services which go beyond these standard qualities. The high-quality material together with strictly checked welding process and careful testing makes us legend.
This kind of product portfolio enables us to reach not only entertainment industry but also architects, designers, event production companies, corporate events professionals and many others.