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Wishing you a happy & sparkling diwali !!!

If there’s any place that knows how to celebrate a festival, is India.Diwali, the festival of lights, is India’s national festival, a festival that reflects our ethos, our culture, our tradition and our way of life. From grand city events to simple village melas, India’s jam-packed festival calendar is as rich and diverse as its traditions and topography.  Diwali is the star attraction on the Indian festival stage – a joyous celebration that Celebrates the triumph of light over darkness.


The excitement and celebratory spirit that Diwali brings, is unmatchable. Celebrating Diwali with friends and family has its own charm. A festival celebrated with traditional diyas and home made sweets has changed to noisy crackers nowadays. It not only put an added burden on the environment, but also put health at stake for a lot of people. Though, the festive spirit should not soften any bit, we should also make sure we keep the proceedings safe, sound and eco-friendly.


These days, people are becoming aware about the adverse results.If you are joining us in an environment friendly celebration this year, Make someone’s life happy & add a festive touch to your home without harming Nature!


Durgesh Sound believes that everyone should enjoy safe, healthy, eco-friendly Diwali.We wish a joyful & prosperous diwali to all our clients & all individuals who are connected with durgesh family.


Durgesh sound wishing you a very happy & eco friendly Diwali.


“Stay focus and stay safe!”